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If you need to cut a hole in a piece glass and you don’t happen to have a hand held laser, well… handy – this is the article for you!

Cutting a round hole follows all the same steps as cutting a circle, up until the releasing step, I have included illustrations below, as this can be a bit tricky to explain.

Follow steps 1 to 5 from “Cutting Glass In Circles” >

OK so you have scored your circle, opened the cut on both sides and you may have noticed that your circle has not fallen out -hopefully you’re reading this at home and not on the side of a very tall building in Dubai! The next step is to get the glass out of the hole, there are lots of ways to do this, outlined below is the way I prefer.

Step 6: Grab your normal glass cutter and score two half circles inside the circle making sure to start and finish your score inside the circle, it should look a bit like a basket ball.

cut a hole

Score two lines like a basketball

Step 7: Next you want to open these cuts on both sides, after you open these cuts make two more score marks, making a kind of curved square in the middle of the glass, then you need to open these cuts as well.

Score a square in the centre

Step 8: The next thing you need to do is, with your glass cutter, score a cross hatch pattern in the middle of the square (diagonal lines that cross each other) then you need to flip the glass over and with a small hammer or a screw driver start opening the crosshatched area, do this by tapping, once most of the cuts are open start tapping continuously in the same spot, it’s a good idea to wear safety glasses while doing this.

Score cross hatch inside the square

Score cross hatch inside the square

Step 9: Keep tapping until you start to see a hole and then further until the whole square is broken out.

Keep tapping until you see a hole

Keep tapping until the square falls out

Keep tapping until the square falls out.

Step 10: If it hasn’t already happened you should just need a little tap and all the glass in the circle should fall out and voila! Insert the USB in the big rack of servers and let Benji know you’re online or maybe just install your cat door – whatever floats your boat!

Voila - congrats you did it!

Congrats you did it!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. As with all things in life it can take a bit of practice to learn how to cut a hole in glass, so either practice on a spare piece or simply order it pre-cut to your requirements.


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