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If you’ve ever broken a window after 5pm on a weekday or perhaps on the weekend during a game of backyard cricket, you’ll know that glass repair companies charge a pretty penny outside of business hours.  Now, you might have insurance, but who wants to lose their no claim bonus for a little window repair?

Most of the time the after-hours glazier will fix the window completely for you, however, sometimes it isn’t possible and replacement glass will need to be ordered. In these cases the glazier will patch your window and return when the glass is ready. The patch job can cost up to $140 and the replacement job anywhere from $180 up to $700. When you hear how easy it is to do it yourself, you’ll definitely want to keep that money in your pocket.

First work out if a patch is OK to use. Generally, a patch is suitable in cases where the hole in the window is smaller than 50 per cent of the total window and were a sufficient amount of glass is still secured in the frame.

Some sliding doors have laminated glass in them, if the glass in your door is cracked but the glass is holding well together it is probably laminated and does not require immediate replacement, it will hold together just fine and is quite secure, just don’t allow anyone to touch the pane of glass.

To make a patch that is secure you will need a scrap piece of wood, metal, glass, plastic or anything else that is flat and slightly bigger than the hole in the glass you will also need a tube of silicone or some other suitable adhesive and some strong adhesive tape.

Firstly remove all loose pieces of glass away from the window, then apply adhesive around the hole, making sure there is some on all shards of glass still in the window, next carefully press your patch onto the adhesive (this is easier with two people).

Lastly you will want to tape around all the edges of your patch, making sure it is securely attached to the window – also tape along any cracks with masking tape.

Finally, take a rough measurement of the window to tell the glazier or an exact measurement if you intend to fix it yourself. Now that your window is secure you can continue your game of cricket and give someone a call during  business hours to get your glass replaced.

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