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A giant fish tank in Berlin. It is part of an ...

A giant fish tank in Berlin. It is part of an aquarium and extends into the hotel lobby seen below. The divers come in the morning to clean the glass. This view is from a hotel elevator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Building a fish tank is a pretty specialised area and I personally haven’t tried my hand at it, yet, however, there are some basic pointers to follow if you are considering giving it a go.

Get the right silicone: Number one on my list is, please make sure you use an aquarium safe silicone, this is not only for structure but some silicone will poison your fish and that’s definitely not what you want.

Choose the right glass: Number two is, choose the right glass, I’m not going to tell you what thicknesses to use because it varies depending on how big you want to make it, however, there are some great websites that will help you make this decision, for example check out these two really helpful sites:

My main advice is do your research, make sure you definitely have the right glass thickness and if you can afford it always use toughened glass.

And finally, always test the thing outside, even the professionals get leaks in their tanks, and the water is better for your garden than your lounge room floor!

If you have any questions – feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll help where I can.

Good luck!


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