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This is an idea I have had floating around in my head for a while and I thought it might be time to bring it out and see what people think.

I have been playing guitar for about 3 years and have been looking for a way to do something guitary with I came up with the idea of making an electric guitar body out of glass and after a lot of mental figuring out I am now pretty confident that we can do it and I’m also thinking it should actually play and sound pretty dam good.

Now for the most important question Fender strat or les paul

I have been trying to decide what shape we should make the guitar for ages and  I think I’ve finally settled on doing a Les Paul shape, the reason I’m going with the Paul is there is already a perspex strat made famous by Dave Grohl in there video for “all my life” and if I do this I want it to be unique and have a real quality about it, I don’t want it to be confused with plastic, this glass guitar should be a one of a kind treasure that will play like a demon and have that real elegance and style that only glass can give.

So when are we building it?

Well that depends on you, We are not a huge company we don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to build bespoke guitars but we do really want to do this so this is how we are going to do it.

Show us that you want to see it!

If we see enough interest from this post we will know that we are not throwing money down the toilet and that we will get a return on our investment and if we know that, then the decision is easy!

The best way to show your interest is to link and share this post to anyone who you think might want to see a glass axe.

glass les paul

So what’s going to happen with the guitar once its built?

Well I have no idea, you tell me.

should we sell it, auction it for charity, give it to jimmy page

Email me at [email protected]  or leave us a message on our facebook page and tell me what you think we should do with it.

The picture on the right is a perspex Les Paul, wait till you see how the glass one will look or more importantly feel.

Now its up to you.

I now evoke the internet gods and leave in their hands, I have seen lots of wonderful projects come to fruition by using this “kickstarter” method and I’m hoping this glass Les Paul will be one of them.

Thank you for reading and sharing

Shannon Wise

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