Glass and mirrors

Glass and Mirror comes in many different thicknesses and types

Not sure what type of glass or mirrors you need?  email us the details of the job and we’ll let you know the right type to use.

All orders are prepared by a professional glazier who will make sure you get the right glass or mirrors for the job. You can install it yourself or have one of our team do it for you.

Glass Guide

Type of Job Thickness
Small to medium picture frames 2mm
Small windows, large picture frames, cabinet doors. 3mm
Medium to large windows, cabinet doors (stronger option). 4mm
Shelving (standard), windows (below knee height). 5mm
Table tops, very large windows. 6mm
Shelving (longer lengths), frameless glass. 8 to 11mm

Splashbacks and colour backed glass

Splashbacks are made from glass that is painted on the back, using a special process. If you want to match a paint colour, we can post a colour sample to you first, so you can be sure you’re happy with it.

Choosing the right mirror thickness

Mirror is usually sold in either 4mm or 6mm thickness. Large jobs should use thicker mirror (6mm).

Just give us a call, SMS or email with the details of your job and we’ll let you know what thickness you should use. Or check out the guide below.

Type of Job Thickness
Small mirror less than two square meters 4mm
Large mirrors more than two square meters 6mm

Edge finishing

Your glass job can be finished using one of these options:

  • Arris technique – the sharp edges are removed
  • Polishing – the edges are polished to create a cleaner finish

When you let us know what type of job you’re doing, we can let you know the best way to finish the glass or mirror.



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