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At Glass Shop we like to give you as many options as possible before making your decision to buy, that’s why we have two options for glass splashbacks, we have a DIY option for people that like to try something new and save a bit of cash and we have a fully installed option for those of you that like to leave it to the professionals.

Glass Splashbacks are the perfect choice for kitchens or laundries!

No more grout lines to clean, a huge range of colours to suit any style and a clean bespoke look are just a few of the great reasons to choose a painted glass splashback for your kitchen or renovation.

Now that we have all the benefits down I’m going to break out the bad news :0(

One off the worst things about glass splashbacks is choosing a colour, with the colour options being as vast as those silly walls at bunnings that we have all at one time or another perched ourselves in front of, starring endlessly at the few swatches we have chosen out from the ocean of slight shade variations, feeling like this is the biggest decision we will probably ever make.

Well, I feel your pain and I have one simple tip for making this once in a lifetime decision a little bit easier and leaving you with a little bit more decision energy for all the other minute detail decisions that will need to be made in your re-design or renovation.

Trust your eyes!

We live in an age were almost anything is just a click away, this is what you are going to use to make your colour decision easy and give you the confidence to commit to a colour scheme.

Follow this link to a “google images search” simply change the colour of the bench-tops and cabinets in the search box and browse through the hundreds of images of finished kitchens until you see something you like.

Once you find a picture that you like right click on it and select “copy image URL” make sure to click paste when you fill out a “get a quote form” we can then give you all the details on shade options, glass types and pricing.

Using this technique will make you feel confident about your colour decisions as you have already seen the finished product and it will avoid that horrible moment, you know the “oh it looks different than it did on that little bit of cardboard moment”.

From the picture you send us we can let you know whether we have a standard colour that matches or if a custom colour is needed, we can colour match any dulux colour and for a fee can make up a custom sample, however if you are trying to stay sane we suggest sticking with standard colours that suit your picture, almost every splashback we have installed looks great and it is very hard to “stuff up” the colour when using standard colours.

I hope this information has been helpful and taken some of the stress out of choosing a colour for your glass splashback.

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