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How to save a ton on your Renovation.

Hey all.

I’m going to keep this fairly short and sweet but the info in this post will save you a ton of money on any future renovations.

One simple rule – Keep it standard!

This one rule will save you thousands of dollars and can save weeks of time.

Whether your out to quickly flip a property and make a good profit or your designing your castle, making all your layouts as “standard size friendly” as possible will make the whole process a breeze, well as much as a reno could ever hope to be.

Standard does not mean low quality.

While we have all seen low quality mass produced items, cheap does not always mean low quality, a lot of the items you can buy in standard sizes at Bunnings are identical to there custom made counterparts, the only difference is the economy of scale, in other words the more of the same thing you can make, the cheaper you can sell it.

Planning is everything.

With all the renovation shows out there it seems like renovating a house must just be a natural human skill that everyone has from birth I mean how hard can it be, I’m afraid not, without a few important skills your renovation can turn into a nightmare with blown out budgets dodgy finishes and impractical designs.

The first step should be a thorough measurement of the area, include any windows, doors and permanent fixtures, measure the height of the rooms and note down any special considerations.

Next its design time, have fun with this bit but don’t go into to much detail just get a rough outline of were you want everything and brainstorm some styles till you have a rough picture of how you want everything.

Now it’s shopping time, window shopping that isĀ 

Whether you like to shop online or go to the stores now is the time to look for the real items that can make your concept drawings a reality, Remember how I told you not to go into to much detail on your original design well this is why, using your rough design as a guide find items that match your style and take note of all the different dimensions, if your shopping online save all the dimensions and print them out or in a real shop take brochures or take photos of all the dimensions and prices.

Now that you have all the dimensions, grab a tape measure and a roll of masking tape and measure out all your items in the room and tape out there outline, use your minds eye and imagine all the items in place and have a look around the room paying close attention to all the small details, make sure the room flows well and think about anywhere that two items meet very carefully, these are the places that mistakes will happen, take your time with this part and don’t continue until you have every little finishing detail locked in your head.


After all this there is one more step before you start building, and that’s the timing, this is fairly simple just think it right through, pretend you are building the whole thing from start to finish in fast forward and look out for anything that can make you have to cover anything up or move
something or make a simple job into a very delicate job, some examples of this are, painting or messy jobs like tiling after main fixtures are in, (this will mean covering all you brand new fixtures and almost inevitably mean some damage), Or having to move plumbing or electrical after wall finishes ( A complete nightmare of a situation that can be avoided with proper planning)

Now Build it!

Now it should be a simple matter of going to the shop getting all your standard fixtures (all perfectly on budget) and fitting them to the house, never been easier to save money on your renovation, Well its good to be optimistic, some of these things you will be attempting are actually quite delicate tasks that take quite a bit of practice to become good at but the planing steps you have taken before hand will make this an enjoyable learning experience and not a nightmare.

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